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Driving DevOps Success with Continuous Integration

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This library was designed to cover some best practices on continuous integration (CI), including its applications for automation and development operations (DevOps), and how you can use CI during development, automatically building software whenever changes have been made on the system or code. CI functions as a second line of defense to let you know of errors as soon as possible, which lets you focus more on development. Jenkins is a market tool used to facilitate the integration of the components present in CI architecture.

These materials cover the following versions of software:

Pentaho 6.x, 7.x, 8.x

Here are a couple of downloadable resources for best practices for automation and DevOps:

Introduction - Continuous Integrating with Pentaho (pdf) pdf-icon-.png
Presentation - Driving DevOps Success with Continuous Integration (pdf) PPTXIcon.png


Driving DevOps Success with Continuous Integration - Video



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