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Guidelines - Pentaho Operations Mart

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We have collected a library of best practices, presentations, and videos around the Pentaho Business Analytics (BA) Operations Mart and the Data Integration (DI) Operations Mart.

The Operations Mart (Ops Mart) is used to monitor system performance for information such as how long and how often a report runs, and aggregates data from the Pentaho server log files into a set of prebuilt audit reports.

These materials covers the following versions of software:

Pentaho Business Analytics Suite 7.x, 8.x

Here are a couple of downloadable resources for best practices for the Pentaho Ops Mart:

Guidelines - Pentaho Operations Mart  pdf-icon-.png
Presentation - Pentaho Operations Mart PPTXIcon.png


Pentaho Operations Mart - 8.0 - Video


Supplemental Videos

Ops Mart Special Cases SpecialCases.png
Pentaho BA Ops Mart
Install & Configure BA Ops Mart - Postgres TinyInstallConfigBA.png
Install & Configure BA Ops Mart - non-Postgres NoPostgres.png
Validate BA Ops Mart ValidateBA.png 
Pentaho DI Ops Mart
Install & Configure DI Ops Mart InstallConfigDI.png 
Validate DI Ops Mart ValidateDI.png


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