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Best Practices - Data Profiling & Exploration

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We have put together a library of best practices, presentations, and videos surrounding Pentaho Data Integration’s (PDI) Data Explorer. Visual data exploration provides access to analytics during data preparation, letting you easily spot-check data issues without switching in and out of tools or waiting until the very end to find data quality problems. In addition, different departments can collaborate and iterate faster, shortening the cycle from raw data to meaningful analytics

Pentaho administrators, data analysts, and anyone with a background in PDI can use the tools in this library to configure Data Explorer and use it to create analytics during the data preparation and integration phase of development. These materials cover the following versions of software:

Pentaho 7.x, 8.x

Here are a couple of downloadable resources for best practices for installation and upgrade:

Best Practices and Tips - Data Exploration
Presentation - Data Profiling & Exploration (pdf)  PPTXpic.png


Data Profiling & Exploration - Video


Supplemental Videos

Data Explorer 101 - Introduction PPTXpic.png


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