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Using our software for COVID-19 related work? We want to help.

Hi Everyone,  

I am in a unique position here at Hitachi Vantara as I have broad visibility into what our customers and partners are doing with our technologies to solve problems.  

I do not need to go into statistics, shower you with presentations, or throw a ton of irrefutable data your way to show how COVID-19 is a real thing that is plaguing the world right now (we have television for that 😉). 

Recently, I have seen quite a few of our customers using our software to help with the battle against COVID-19. Some customers are moving data from one repository to another and modifying it through that pipeline. Others are performing analytics against petabytes of data. Others have created dashboards to help them visualize system usage to ensure their COVID-19 work always has system resources available for processing. 

This is exciting stuff! Our customers’ work is supporting vaccine initiatives, helping people find out where they can get vaccinated, and enabling other impactful efforts which are great for society. 

In each of these cases, Hitachi Vantara has worked hard to ensure each customer had the resources they need to keep their projects going and ultimately see success in the end. 

We want to do more. 

I am offering prioritized support to any of our customers or partners who are working on COVID-19 initiatives. This increased customer support could include putting your ticket to the front of the line or offering a few hours with one of our Architects to ensure that you are set up optimally for your environment. If there is something else we can help with, we will do our very best to assist you. 

If your organization is using our software (Pentaho, etc.), please let me know directly if there is anything we can do to help ensure these important COVID-19 projects are completed successfully. 

We’re all in this together; together we can do even more to Power Good. 

Let me know,