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Create schedule using REST API to remove the generated content files(.pdf,.html...etc) from User folders.


Pentaho version 6.1 and above


How to remove old reports from users folders which were generated by daily schedules, using Rest API?


Options to do this exist within the Pentaho User Console in Administration> Settings.

However, this can also be achieved using the API  /pentaho/api/scheduler/job

Steps to use this the API:

1. Need to use the API http://localhost:8080/pentaho/api/scheduler/job

2. When using this, we must pass the body either in XML or Json format.  The following example uses the Json format:

"jobName": "GeneratedContentCleaner",
"overwriteFile": "false",
"simpleJobTrigger": {
"uiPassParam": "MINUTES",
"repeatInterval": 120,
"repeatCount": -1,
"startTime": "2019-03-12T11:59:00.000+05:30",
"endTime": null
"inputFile": "GeneratedContentCleaner",
"outputFile": "",
"timeZone": "Asia/Calcutta",
"jobParameters": [
"name": "ActionAdapterQuartzJob-ActionClass",
"type": "string",
"stringValue": [
"name": "age",
"type": "string",
"stringValue": [
"actionClass": "org.pentaho.platform.admin.GeneratedContentCleaner"



Important example parameters from the above code:


startTime "2019-03-12T11:59:00.000+05:30": Date and time when you would like to fire this schedule.
stringValue  "15552000": delete the generated files older than 180 days, in seconds (180 days=60*60*24)

3. Next using Postman (or any other preferred tool) to send the below API in POST:


4. After the API is executed via Postman, then when refreshed the Pentaho User Console Administration> Settings screen is then updated with the schedule generated by the API:


Important Note:

Attached is a video showing how this can be done.


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