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Guidelines for Successfully Upgrading to Pentaho 8.2


This document covers some best practices on upgrading Pentaho software. You will learn the upgrade steps including what to have ready before you begin, and what to back up and restore. 

Our intended audience is Pentaho administrators. 

The Components Reference in Pentaho Documentation has a complete list of supported software and hardware.

Before You Begin

This document assumes that you know specifics of your Pentaho installation and usage, including what environments you have configured (development, test, production, and so on), your server’s operating system and version, the user information for the user running Pentaho processes, any customizations, and other details. 

There is a checklist included in the Upgrade document, providing more details and a way for you to keep track of your progress.

We encourage you to view our recent webinar, Guidelines for Upgrading Pentaho 8.2. You can also find a PDF copy of this information there.



Best Practices for Upgrading - Step By Step

Upgrading to Pentaho 8.2 is a complicated process, but it does not have to be difficult. You will need to have all the necessary information and software available to you, and then it will be a simple matter of following your upgrade path from beginning to end. If you have custom configurations, contact your CSM, and then Support and let them know before upgrading.

You can find details on these topics in the following sections:



Determine Upgrade Path

The first thing you’ll need to do when you are tasked with upgrading is to figure out which upgrade path to take. Your upgrade path is dependent on a few things, mainly your current version of Pentaho and which version you want to upgrade to. 


If you don’t see your current version listed in this document, please check here and/or contact Support for assistance.

What Version Am I Currently On?

To find out which version of Pentaho you have installed, open the PDI Client (Spoon) or the Pentaho User Console (PUC), and click on Help, and then About.

If you need release notes for any Pentaho version, check the Pentaho Customer Portal.

What's New in Pentaho Documentation

Which Path Will Get Me to 8.2?

If you are currently running version 7.0, 7.1, or 8.0, your process will be straightforward. You will be able to upgrade directly to Pentaho 8.2 from your current version.

lil_light_bulb.png If you are running on 8.1, you can use the Upgrade Installer to update to 8.2.


Figure 1: Upgrading to 8.2 from 6.0 - 8.1


Check System Environment

To upgrade as smoothly as possible, you will need to know all the relevant details about your Pentaho installation and environment(s). The Pentaho Upgrade Checklist will help you with these details.

Once you have all this information, make sure that your current specifications meet the requirements for your new version of Pentaho. The Components Reference for 8.2 has a complete list of specifications.



Back Up Configuration and Solutions Files

Once you have verified that your system can run the new version of Pentaho, you need to make sure that all your data and custom configurations are backed up. The section called Back up Your Pentaho Server Configuration and Solutions Files in the Upgrade documentation has the information you need to do this.



Install New Version of Pentaho

After all of your data and configuration files are backed up, you are ready to install Pentaho. Remember to refer to your upgrade path if you need to do incremental upgrades to reach Pentaho 8.1 (for example, if you are on 6.0 and therefore need to upgrade to 7.1 first, and then to 8.2).


We recommend that you use the archive method for installing Pentaho.

The Pentaho Upgrade documentation shows how to install Pentaho 8.2. If you are on 6.0 and need to upgrade to 7.1, that information is available at Upgrade.



Restore Configuration and Solutions Files

After you have installed Pentaho 8.2, you need to restore your data and custom configurations.


If you have custom configurations, contact your CSM, then Support, and let them know before upgrading.

The section called Restore Your Server Configuration and Solutions Files in the Upgrade documentation has the information you need to do this.



Update Pentaho Design Tools

The Pentaho Design Tools, also known as Pentaho Client Tools, are available for re-installation either with the Pentaho Business Analytics Installation Wizard or manually. Installation of the Pentaho Design Tools takes you through this process.



Start and Test Pentaho

Once you have upgraded your software, restored your data and configurations, and updated your Pentaho Design Tools, all that remains is to start and test your new Pentaho server software:

  1. Begin with Starting the Pentaho Server after an Archive Installation.
  2. Once you have successfully restarted your Pentaho Server, move on to the steps to Test Your Server (scroll down to Step 5: Start and Test the Pentaho Server). 

For troubleshooting, refer to Installation and Upgrade Issues.

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