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Service Pack SP201810-

This Service Pack is based on Version Pentaho Server 7.1 base release.  All 7.1 Service Packs are now cumulative.

Before you can install this Service Pack you must have a minimum of the above mentioned Release installed

This SP INCLUDES all the previous patches made available in:


Applying the Service Pack

This service pack supports installation via our Service Pack Installer. This Graphical User Interface will automatically apply the Service Pack to your Pentaho installation. Additionally it will backup the files it modifies for the purpose of restoring them if an uninstall is desired. There is also a headless console mode for the installer.

The installer flow is the same for both graphical and console modes.

1) Accept the license
2) Select the folder the product is installed into
3) Update executes
4) Update completes

Please review the SP201810- for more information on the SP Installer.

Alternatively we still have the manual installation for the service packs if you prefer to use that method. Before you begin, please make sure you review and follow the instructions completely.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Pentaho Support.


Please make a complete back-up of your environment before beginning the patch process. This is an essential part of making sure that you can recover your environment in case of error. Please stop all servers prior to performing backups.

Also, please apply this patch first in a test, dev, or QA environment before applying it in production.


SP201809- is separated into several parts

  • Aggregation Designer
  • Big Data Plugin
  • Metadata Editor
  • PDI Client
  • Pentaho Server
  • Report Designer
  • Schema Workbench

Please follow the SP201810- for installation instructions.

This Service Pack includes the following patches:

The JIRA cases listed bellow were fixed on the corresponding service packs


== SP201810-7.1 ( Fixes =============================================================

BISERVER-13991 - Error when updating a created schedule
PDB-2028 - Dashboard Data Content Linking - without table default value
PDI-16074 - "Load file content in memory" step does not output additional filename field
PDI-17328 - Excel Output:Not able to create Dynamically new worksheets
PDI-17366 - CSV input : BigNumber datatype does not work without precision
PDI-17375 - Get Data from XML issue with URL containing file:///
PDI-17467 - Kitchen, Pan, Carte, Import, PurgeUtility require plain-text password
PDI-17505 - GetXMLData step is 2-3 times slower due to change made for PDI-11018
PDI-17506 - Data Service error while running
PDI-17517 - Inconsistent Time zone during scheduling job/transformation when server and client in different time zones
PDI-17524 - AEL: PDI script should not include the `.patch_archive` folder
PDI-17534 - Multiplying BigNumbers in calculator loses precision
PDI-17536 - SetVariable in job to blank returns in null error
PIR-1267 - Report formatting changes when prompts are added to an interactive report
PIR-1413 - Editing an existing Filter to add a Parameter Name Removes Data from the Report
PIR-1416 - When hovering a warning message on PIR a message with code is displayed
PPP-4160 - Import-Export tool requires plain-text password
PPP-4190 - Malicious code vulnerability
PPP-4191 - Potential performance issue with OSGIObjectFactory
PPP-4193 - has a typo that could cause extra processing

== SP201809-7.1 ( Fixes =============================================================

ANALYZER-3545 - Unable to Define a Hyperlink to an Analyzer report saved in a folder having a colon (:)
BISERVER-13521 - Import Metadata dialog buttons not showing when it opens
BISERVER-13775 - PUC-Unable to generate report in Excel
BISERVER-13896 - Issues with RepositoryResource endpoints in Pentaho REST API
BISERVER-14022 - Copyright info on PUC not okay
CDE-966 - New Selector Component in CDE is not showing all values
PDB-2016 - Dashboard Data Content Linking - Parameters with empty default value
PDI-17262 - As a Developer I want to get the full stack trace when the Text File Input Step cannot open a file
PDI-17295 - Switch / Case step is not working as expected when input data is of Binary type.
PDI-17489 - Copyright info on PDI not okay
PDI-17521 - java.lang.ClassCastException when previewing data in
PRD-5963 - Date Picker showing One Day Prior for Default Value of =TODAY and =YESTERDAY when client is in Different Timezone
PRD-5999 - OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space error when using CSVARRAY Function
PRD-6024 - Copyright info on PRD not okay

== SP201808-7.1 ( Fixes =============================================================

ANALYZER-3670 - Analyzer Filter screen: Newly selected values disappear from list after clicking 'Find'
BACKLOG-22673 - When editing some hops of Job Executor & one of Transformation Executor appropriate xml tags related to hops are cleared
BISERVER-13648 - Double login after logout when viewing a report
BISERVER-13751 - Missing localization for buttons in Scheduler and Block-Out-Times.
BISERVER-13961 - Opening Forums throws the error "jquery-1.12.4.min.js not found in plugin common-ui"
BISERVER-13970 - CC and BCC fields on schedules are throwing NullPointerExceptions for imported schedules
CDF-1002 - CTools Filter Component does not display ‘All’ when showSelectectItems is set to True
PDB-2016 - Dashboard Data Content Linking - Parameters with empty default value
PDI-16499 - Version is not properly set on "Data"
PDI-17024 - Step name called "User Defined Java Expression 4" causes in error
PDI-17254 - Unique Rows(HashSet) step not working as expected with Binary datatypes.
PDI-17270 - Sort rows : Cannot sort Internet Address Types
PDI-17277 - ETL Metadata Injection : Wrong Japanese Translation of "run resulting transformation" option
PDI-17286 - User Defined Java Class : does not work.
PDI-17337 - Stream Lookup : "Return value target can't be found" error has occurred
PDI-17382 - PostgreSQL Bulk Loader fails with NullPointerException when it receives no input rows
PDI-17398 - Scheduling a Job More than Once Causes the Logs to Display Incorrectly
PDI-17421 - The parent parameter still overwrites the child parameter even if the option "Pass Parameter values to sub transformation" is not checked
PDI-17427 - Job Executor Step doesn't read fields correctly
PDI-17436 - Scheduling a transformation more than once causes the logs to display incorrectly
PPP-4136 - Lack of validation on org.pentaho.cdf.CdfApi.buildCdfEmbedContextSecure
PPP-4137 - Lack of validation on webdetails.cpf.utils.PluginIOUtils.writeOutAndFlush

== SP201807-7.1 ( Fixes =============================================================

ANALYZER-3726 - No points on the Geo map despite the fact that New Zealand have values for City level
BACKLOG-23781 - PRD is not returning DB connection detail and its not possible to execute querys
BACKLOG-24154 - Pentaho scheduler misses to schedule requests, if they are sent concurrently and the batch of concurrent requests is large
BISERVER-13922 - java.lang.NullPointerException on Quartz after schedule permissions is removed from role or user is removed from role
BISERVER-13936 - Pipe in username breaks reports
MONDRIAN-2615 - Type of level member properties is passed as null - ignores schema
PAD-165 - Copyright info on Aggregation Designer not okay
PDI-13276 - Data Validator Array Index Out of Bounds error after removing validation
PDI-16387 - Running a Job for Every Input Row, sub job does not reset variables or parameters with every execution
PDI-16614 - Data service in CSV File Input does not work with Lazy conversion active
PDI-16638 - Backward compatibility breaking change - visibility of ioMeta in steps
PDI-17033 - Put a File with SFTP Step Throws A "Path Not Found" Error When You Attempt to Create Nested Subdirectories
PDI-17164 - AEL: Hadoop File Output does not use filename when 'Accept filename from field' is used
PDI-17199 - The step TextFileInput doesn't print the associated message for the key !TextFileInput.Log.Error.NoFilesSpecified!
PDI-17203 - XML Output step: Null pointer exception when processing fields with null values
PDI-17267 - The Limit field on the Content tab of the "Text File Input" step does not limit the number of lines read from each file.
PDI-17303 - Job Executor does not read parameter values from fields
PDI-17343 - Job Transformation Step does not receive parameters from fields
PDI-17362 - Not possible pass a fixed value to a sub transformation
PMD-1085 - Copyright info on Metadata Editor not okay
PRD-4896 - SQL Query Designer Preview button not working

== SP201806-7.1 ( Fixes =============================================================

ANALYZER-3674 - When renaming an analyzer report the name attribute is no longer used rather we use the filename instead
ANALYZER-3728 - When Numeric Filter is set, Alert is displayed
BISERVER-13757 - 404 error handling for pentaho/getImage?image=... call
BISERVER-13832 - Server is no longer displaying the appropriate error page for URLs starting with /pentaho/api
BISERVER-13890 - REST API allows creation of a new folder just with a "." character
BISERVER-13916 - Mondrian roles displaying errors with:
BISERVER-13932 - Data source with the password contains special Character '&' fails to login
CDF-993 - XSS vulnerability in Check Component
CDF-999 - Session timeout detection fails to be relative to the last query response and is instead relative to dashboard construction
PDB-2002 - Dashboard with Refresh Interval activated containing a PRPT shows refreshing on top of other PUC Tabs
PDI-10636 - Jobs Scheduled to Run Now Appear with a Status of Finished in the DI Server Web UI when it is really pending
PDI-16229 - Dummy job entry can not be opened/renamed.
PDI-16638 - multi-thread Data Validator Step fails in Kettle 71
PDI-16676 - Inspect Data to view as Geo Map plots data incorrectly
PDI-16816 - Hadoop File Input misses Environment field in ETL Metadata Injection
PDI-16890 - UI Glitch on tab name
PDI-16921 - Concurrent access to outputRowSets in Mapping Init
PDI-16986 - Metadata Injection: Get "index out of bound" error when option "Run resulting transformation" is unchecked
PDI-17060 - JSON Input Returns single row spread across multiple rows with nulls
PDI-17086 - Transformation Executor Step does not receive parameters from fields (introduced in
PDI-17108 - HTTP Post step fails Digest Based Authentication
PDI-17110 - Excel Input cannot process Cognos generated Excel report
PDI-17119 - Mapping (sub transformation) step : Using variables/parameters in the parent transformation to resolve the sub-transformation name
PDI-17143 - Null Pointer Exception thrown when job is called from Job Executor in a transformation having "Make the transformation database transactional" enabled.
PDI-17144 - A sub-job will add up the log entries in the sub-job log table for every iteration
PDI-17248 - MDI Set Variable is not replacing value after applying Service Pack
PDI-17300 - 8.0 Execute Job fails when job name has .kjb Extension
PIR-1400 - UI - Filter dialog box issue. Value field moves to the next row
PRD-5435 - Excel Output - Dynamic height setting is not applied
PRD-5569 - Published Report's Filename is Displayed instead of Title in PUC's Browse folders
PRD-5976 - file should be included in Report designer plugins
PSW-262 - Copyright info on Schema workbench not okay

== SP201805-7.1 ( Fixes =============================================================

ANALYZER-3084 - As an OEM, using REST API to create an analyzer report saved with special chars as filename, not correct URL gets generated when opening it up
ANALYZER-3697 - Using MDX Expression on a calculated measure for % format in analyzer returns incorrect value when exported to CSV without formatting.
ANALYZER-3704 - Parent-child hierarchy does not work display as expected in Pentaho and 8.0
ANALYZER-3707 - Analyzer - When adding a % Measure in the middle of two measures, the chart does not show one of the measures
BISERVER-13858 - Startup XActions called twice for each login
BISERVER-13895 - Cannot read property 'fireOutputParam' of undefined when using content linking from PRPT on a Dashboard
CDE-932 - C-Tools Map Component examples fail to load in an SSL environment
CDE-943 - Table component that has click action, whenever gets an empty resultset throws an error in jquery.dataTables file.
CDE-944 - [Filter Component] the buttons that collapse groups don't work properly
MONDRIAN-2613 - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in mondrian.util.Format.formatFd2 formatting a BigDecimal
PDI-11089 - Cannot sort preview data (NullPointerException )
PDI-15875 - Steps which use JDBC connection with enabled pooling do not run on DI server
PDI-16273 - Several places where input streams are not closed
PDI-16658 - Inconsistent Behavior of PDI Job execution post applying SP
PDI-16845 - When accessing files using vfs, sftp connections remain open even after transformation/job completes
PDI-16908 - Inspect Data, if you enter Japanese surrogate character as the data source name, "We couldn't connect" occurs.
PDI-17049 - GeoMap visualization fails to disambiguate features
PDI-17066 - De-serialize from file - changing checkboxes does not prompt for save
PDI-17113 - CSV input step with UTF-8 encoding still reads BOM as data
PDI-17179 - truncDate function for script step calculates month wrong.
PIR-1374 - View report model, View query, View SQL, Version number window is too small and not expandable
PIR-1395 - Condition <= applied within the Pentaho Interactive Prompt Query Editor does not render the report when saved and reopened.
PIR-1397 - Looping queries on Filter dialog due to lack of error handling
PPP-4019 - Use of vulnerable component Apache POI 3.15 CVE-2017-12626
PPP-4022 - Japanese character in the data source name causes data inconsistency and an errors to occur
PRD-5970 - A Report Designer link from one field does not open the destination report
PRD-5971 - The URL property =DRILLTO function also did not function as expected. The default formula also changed.
PRD-5987 - 7.1 & 8.0: Drop Down Arrow Missing for Parameter Values in Hyperlink to Pentaho Repository prpt
PRD-5988 - 7.1 & 8.0: In reopened Hyperlink Dialog the "Location" selector on the top left is set to "Self" instead of the originally selected "Pentaho Repository"
PRD-5989 - Horizontal line is not visible in HTML when the line is dashed, dotted, dot-dash or dot-dot-dashed

== SP201804-7.1 ( Fixes =============================================================

BISERVER-13655 - When using a database connection that has Japanese/Special characters in it's name
BISERVER-13823 - The prpt report goes into a loop and it never stops when server and web client are in different time zones and when the report has a few post-processing formulas
BISERVER-13856 - Duplicate records are written to the hibernate.pro_audit table
PDI-15818 - sftp Job Entry relies on jzlib jar for compression feature which is missing since 5.0
PDI-16382 - Select Values Step Throws Errors when multiple fields with same field name occur
PDI-16562 - Comparison of Binary fields of same length and value fails
PDI-16653 - Safe Mode does not error out like it is supposed to in 7.1
PDI-16663 - License manager doesn't appear on version-specific licenses
PDI-16777 - If changes in "Run configuration" were made before changes in "Transformation" entry they will not be saved in embedded metastore of the kettle job.
PDI-16844 - Steps Job Executor and Transformation should overwrite the child parameter by the parent parameter.
PDI-16852 - DB2 connection in Spoon fails if using the useJDBC4ColumnNameAndLabelSemantics option
PDI-16858 - Log connection is set to "live_logging_info" on Transformation and Job logging
PDI-16891 - Incorrect remainder in division of numbers in Calculator step
PDI-16894 - Hop type can not be changed if its direction starts from "Stop a PDI Cluster on Yarn" job entry
PDI-16904 - Calculator step : The result of Jaro similitude and JaroWinkler similitude formula's are showing incorrect values.
PDI-16910 - Excel Input does not work when reading from an XLSX created by the MSSQL report
PDI-16927 - PostgreSQL Bulk Loader : "DB Name Override" option is not working as expected
PDI-16932 - Specifying the Select Fieldname in the Metadata Injection step does not give correct results.
PDI-16942 - When using the Excel Input Step an org.apache.poi.POIXMLException error can result if the compression ratio of the file is too high
PDI-17061 - "Get rows from result" step does not pass rows when a transformation is executed on a remote carte server
PDI-17077 - Erroneous Synchronization in
PDI-9847 - using amazon s3 and listing file directory causes entire s3 bucket to be downloaded causing large costs when running locally against s3
PPP-3755 - "Inherits folder permissions" after giving suzy access to her folder the authenticated role appears. Remove this role
PPP-3894 - Use of vulnerable component activemq-osgi-5.10.0.jar CVE-2014-3600
PPP-3963 - needs to be removed from platform
PPP-4007 - Use of vulnerable component Apache Groovy 2.4.4 and 2.4.7 CVE-2016-6814
PRD-2943 - Hitting save on subreport tab does not reset the change flag for the other subreports and master reports.
PRD-5952 - PRPT : Row Limit "No More Than" is not getting applied to Sub reports.
PRD-5956 - PRD parameter viewer not handling timezones correctly
PSW-261 - Schema Workbench Publish Plugin - Branch 7.1 pulls Spring and Jersey server as dependencies

== SP201803-7.1 ( Fixes =============================================================

ANALYZER-3650 - GEO Map- Dot not Excluded
ANALYZER-3661 - Redo option doesn't work for changing chart type
ANALYZER-3684 - Different Filter value is displayed in Analyzer Report versus in Dashboard
ANALYZER-3692 - No "instance_start" record for Analyzer is written to the hibernate.pro_audit table, if report was executed via scheduling.
ANALYZER-3693 - The report displays wrong data while adding three filters by time with Select a range conditions
ANALYZER-3694 - GeoMap visualization fails to disambiguate features
ANALYZER-3705 - "Hide from Chart" option in Analyzer not working as expected
BACKLOG-22072 - DET / DataServices not working with Stream Lookup step
BISERVER-12928 - Default Content not creating empty folders
BISERVER-13491 - SAML Sample With LDAP Authorization Causes Error
BISERVER-13715 - LDAP bind user password is being sent to the browser client in clear text
BISERVER-13750 - Missing scroll bar on Manage Users Perspective when using Chrome
BISERVER-13813 - "1. Hello ETL" sample report not present in "Public/BI Developer Examples/Data Integration with Kettle/" folder
BISERVER-13873 - rolePrefix is not saved to when clicking on Save on Administration Perspective
MONDRIAN-2577 - Missing table name when using filter find with aggregate tables
MONDRIAN-2604 - java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException while applying Filters.
PDI-10212 - Cannot Reuse Validation Streams
PDI-16269 - registerNatives() method nearly everywhere fails to close stream allocated by getResourceAsStream()
PDI-16627 - Hadoop File Output: "date time format" dropdown: if using templates with colons, HDFS-output cannot be created
PDI-16671 - "Something Went Wrong" error message shows up when trying to Inspect Data which has a field name with Double Quotes.
PDI-16747 - Spoon crashes with StackOverflow if job has loop of steps
PDI-16778 - database connection > option section - can't add more than 4 parameters
PDI-16798 - Get Files Rows Count - changing checkboxes does not prompt for save
PDI-16800 - Get File Names step - does prompt for save even if nothing was changed
PDI-16803 - Error in Microsoft Excel Writer when using xlsx file as template
PDI-16804 - DET charts can show no data, when it should show data
PDI-16813 - Request Error: Invalid class name: org.jets3t.service.utils.RestUtils$ConnManagerFactory when connecting to Amazon S3 bucket in PDI 8.0
PDI-16818 - Improvements to RowMeta have slowed down again in 7.x+
PDI-16857 - Foreign key doesn't work in the step Salesforce upsert.
PPP-3949 - Authenticated directory traversal allows retrieval of arbitrary files within Tomcat webapps/pentaho directory
PPP-3961 - vulnerable to Reflected Cross-site Scripting (XSS)

== SP201802-7.1 ( Fixes =============================================================

ANALYZER-3584 - Dashboard user/Analyzer in Viewer mode should not be able to edit filters
ANALYZER-3630 - All related measures used in calculate member of a virtual cube must be defined
ANALYZER-3669 - Analyzer Filter screen: Newly selected values disappear from list after clicking in white area of the window
BACKLOG-21573 - Kafka - When creating a slave server connection to run the Kafka consumer Ktr it is finishing with errors
BAD-711 - Hadoop File Output gets non encrypted password into "Folder/File" field.
BISERVER-13735 - Run in Background Dialog should not be shown when PRPT and PRPTI reports are being used on a Dashboard
BISERVER-13756 - Object Permissions Do Not Restore from Backup
BISERVER-13819 - Schedule job error out after the schedule interval is edited
CDE-940 - Persistent Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in synchoriseDashboard
MONDRIAN-1233 - MySQL/MS SQL Dialect needs to override Dialect.quoteBooleanLiteral
MONDRIAN-2608 - Error with cached data when ordinalColumn is defined and parameter mondrian.native.ExpandNonNative is set to true
PDI-16309 - Password is not encrypted in "Show Filename(s)" functionality of "Hadoop File Input" step
PDI-16420 - ETL Metadata Injection with Row Denormalizer step: NPE
PDI-16527 - XML Input Stream step re-writes data in fields from previous steps
PDI-16596 - When I write a transformation from an injection, parameters from template is gone
PDI-16685 - Salesforce Document Table Insert or Update - Base64 field
PDI-16697 - Error reading file in Text File Input step causes transformation to fail when "Skip error files?" and error handling is enabled
PDI-16761 - In Model View, integer type numerical value more than 17 digits is rounded off
PDI-16769 - XML Output locks the file so it cannot be deleted in next step
PDI-16786 - Export linked resources uses deprecated variable ${Internal.Job.Filename.Directory} or ${Internal.Transformation.Filename.Directory}
PDI-16790 - Miscalculation with big number data type in calculator step
PDI-16794 - Regular users can view and delete scheduled jobs belonging to other users
PDI-16805 - Salesforce Input doesn't get the transformation status 'changed'
PDI-16819 - Copying a Timestamp to result cannot be de-serialized when running on Slave Server
PIR-1335 - PIR: Close "Select Data Source" dialog without any selection gives a message
PIR-1386 - 404 opensans-regular font not found error when running Interactive report
PPP-3732 - Use of vulnerable components cxf-*-3.0.7, cxf-xjc-runtime-3.0.5.jar CVE-2017-5653
PPP-3952 - Reflected Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability on webhelp
PRD-5827 - Browser freezes when marking elements on the report toolbar and trying to put data in from keyboard.
PRD-5932 - When Using "Row" Layout in PRD, Report Elements Set to "visible=false" Still Display on Excel or Excel 2007 Output

== SP201801-7.1 ( Fixes =============================================================

ANALYZER-3587 - Zoom level in Geo Map
ANALYZER-3622 - Inline Modeling causing delays for users with Manage Data Source Permissions when creating a new analyzer report
ANALYZER-3642 - Layout panel disappears in IE11 clicking on a Measure with hyperlink when its member name has a apostrophe character
ANALYZER-3658 - Result of the 'Find' option not displayed properly
ANALYZER-3666 - selectSchema method filters cubes user has no access to but fills the logs with errors for those cubes with no access to
ANALYZER-3675 - Column names do not correspond to the values in drill-through results.
BISERVER-13338 - Data source domain object mutation while re-parsing
BISERVER-13695 - NullPointerException when downloading a schema with wrong name
BISERVER-13696 - NullPointerException when using getAnalysisDatasourceInfo on wrong schema name
BISERVER-13744 - Security popup appear when changing a param on a report
BISERVER-13852 - Unable to import DSW data source created for Reporting only as "Data Source Wizard" type
MONDRIAN-2603 - Measures completely disappear from a second cube defined in the same schema when measures are constrained using Mondrian role
PDB-1987 - Check box filters with no default value set, display the first checkbox as selected
PDI-14250 - SFTP Put step corrupts file data when "Input is a stream" option is used
PDI-14296 - Load File Content in Memory corrupts data read from binary files
PDI-15577 - XML Join saves output in random input fields
PDI-15981 - Error when using Model View with Measure name having Japanese characters
PDI-16066 - Transformation Executor Step does not Inherit Parameters
PDI-16436 - Issues with 3 steps when exporting - importing in an EE repository
PDI-16580 - Web Services Lookup Step: Authentication fails when using variables/parameters for username and/or password
PDI-16589 - CSV input step inserts unnecessary records on parallel reading.
PDI-16591 - Able to import Job/Trans to /<root>
PDI-16601 - HTTP Status 502 is returned while running a transformation on slave server using proxy
PDI-16619 - After adding a parameter to a scheduled job, you cannot see/set that parameter in the job's scheduler entry
PDI-16623 - Unable to open dialog for Multiway Merge Join after repository export/import
PDI-16683 - In Inspect Data, datasource published to the server with user having "<" character in password will not be shown in Analyzer.
PDI-16707 - Date format is not retained after performing Memory Group by.
PDI-16726 - PDI and SQL Server connection error with an opening { in the password
PIR-1365 - Report filter not working correctly
PIR-1377 - Context menu icon for filter in PIR is misplaced
PPP-3736 - Use of vulnerable component Apache Batik 1.7.1, Apache Batik 1.8, CVE-2017-5662
PPP-3828 - Not able to delete the blank files that are generated while scheduling the transformation.
PPP-3895 - Use of vulnerable component com.thoughtworks.xstream : xstream : 1.4.9 CVE-2017-7957
PPP-3909 - Unreleased Resource: Streams -

== SP201712-7.1 ( Fixes =============================================================

ANALYZER-2816 - Selecting Date Picker for Quarter (Time Dimension)
ANALYZER-3598 - L10N - Non-localized 'Open file' dialog box in hyperlinks editor
ANALYZER-3628 - Currently there is no record of errors when SCHEDULING analyzer report in PUC after schema changes
BISERVER-10719 - Get error when trying to make Suzy's report hidden when logged in as admin.
BISERVER-13711 - Data Source Wizard XMI File Model Conversion in PME Still Registers as Data Source Wizard Upon Publishing
BISERVER-13755 - l10n - overlapping text on the Data Source Wizard dialogue
MONDRIAN-1073 - Two cubes operating on same fact table gives wrong WHERE clause
MONDRIAN-2534 - Mondrian CancellationChecker.checkCancelOrTimeout does not terminate thread
MONDRIAN-2551 - Drill-through filtering not working properly when level is used as filter
MONDRIAN-2597 - readTuples and cardinality queries sent twice to the database when using Virtual Cube (Not cached)
PDI-14430 - pdi-dataservice-plugin - ThinConnection has hard-coded strings, and misspellings
PDI-15902 - Row Normaliser step: NPE in getFields
PDI-15965 - Incorrect data type handling of data pushed into R environment when "Strings as factors in R" checkbox is unselected
PDI-15995 - In Inspect Data, if you enter Japanese as the data source name, "Data Source Exists" occurs.
PDI-16480 - Salesforce: Datetime fields are not being set with Pentaho 7.1 version
PDI-16535 - Errors creating transformations and jobs when the user connects to Pentaho Repository using a different case of the user name created
PDI-16573 - In Calculator step, "Remove CR/LF" function does not work
PDI-16579 - Text File Input Not Recognized Escaped Characters At End of String
PDI-16590 - Replace in String: Step processes regular expression even when "Use Regex" option set to N
PDI-16593 - PDI Replace in string : In case of double-byte characters, case sensitive option does not work.
PDI-16684 - Every click on the PDI UI sending a request to the Pentaho Server
PDI-8934 - BaseStep rowListeners - Thread Safety Issue
PIR-1161 - Unable to use Japanese character for the PIR parameter name
PIR-1311 - The japanese symbols displays like &#22823;
PIR-1373 - View SQL in PIR report tool bar doesn't work
PPP-3805 - Use of vulnerable component dteapi-2.2.1.jar CVE-2009-4521
PPP-3936 - Reflected XSS on pentaho/api/theme/set


== SP201711-7.1 ( Fixes =============================================================

BAD-637 - Hadoop File Input: TextFileImportWizardPage dlg: Cannot "Get Fields" if the "Fixed" width file-type selected
BISERVER-10319 - Unable to move a DSW data source to another 5.X server.
BISERVER-12481 - After moving newly created level in hierarchy the error message is appeared. "Unable to get property 'k' of underfined or null reference
BISERVER-13478 - Error updating ACL when importing into repository under JDBC authentication
BISERVER-13685 - The certain report with Post Processing Formulas and data pickers goes into a loop and it never stops
BISERVER-13706 - PRPT Report Run From Pentaho Server Fails in White Screen After Initial View Report Run Using Several Output Types
BISERVER-13722 - Error assigning role permissions through API under JDBC authetication
BISERVER-13774 - Rename folders created in Spoon Repository Save dialog is not assumed in PUC
CDA-215 - Users without 'Create Content' permission is able to edit CDA files
CDE-912 - Uncaught Error: Load timeout for modules when embedding dashboard within Pentaho Server
MONDRIAN-2586 - Ragged dimension members are not visible when using a single role
MONDRIAN-2595 - Count distinct Bug in SQLMemberSource
PDB-1985 - IE / Edge - Existing Dashboard cannot be edited if referenced analyzer / pir / prpt reports were deleted / moved
PDI-14442 - PDI Import scripts are executed in parallel by multiple users
PDI-14492 - Copy Table Wizard_UI Issue
PDI-15268 - PDI locks up when changing Job - Properties - Parameters
PDI-15803 - Need to update the tooltip "Run on a Data Integration (DI) Server" in the dialog Run Options
PDI-15891 - Problem running a zipped file with Pan.bat
PDI-16010 - In Excel Input Step, trimming of space doesn't happen when Spoon is opened in Japanese preferred language.
PDI-16365 - Spaces in connection name can cause unexpected behavior
PDI-16368 - Unable to start blueprint container for bundle pdi-dataservice-server-plugin due to unresolved dependencies
PDI-16434 - Salesforce Upsert (and possibly insert) fails when upserting an integer into account object
PDI-16459 - Salesforce Insert - sObject type 'string' is not supported
PDI-16478 - Different behavior of Spoon and Kitcken execution with job level step logging capabilities
PDI-16501 - Update step: The row in "The key(s) to look up the value(s)" is missing after exporting the repository
PDI-16503 - Once the "server" environment type is selected for a job entry of a job it cannot be changed back to "local"
PDI-16509 - Transformations no longer run on carte after 7.1 upgrade
PDI-16510 - Job entries are not sorted alphabetically within their functional groupings
PDI-16564 - UserDefinedJavaClass Step produces multiple inner CDATA tags in transformation XML
PDI-16624 - Big Number fields are not correctly aggregated in Model View
PDI-16690 - Typo in job entry "Unzip file" tooltip
PIR-1188 - Cannot Edit/Delete any filter after getting the "Invalid Filter" message
PRD-4617 - There is duplicate local configurations in the Edit Report Configuration dialog
PRD-5634 - PRPT with PDI KTR datasource where Table Input step takes parameters throws error in PRD
PRD-5915 - 404 opensans-regular font not found error when running prpt report in 7.1
PRD-5919 - Pentaho Report Designer Dots Per Inch (DPI) Scaling
PRD-5925 - In PRD, opening a file containing surrogate pair characters in the file name from the repository results in an error.
PRD-5928 - NullPointerException errors when changing series collectors on XY charts causes PRD to crash

== SP201710-7.1 ( Fixes =============================================================

ANALYZER-3617 - When clicking on the same chart icon or toggling between pivot and chart, the user loses the last changes made to the chart.
ANALYZER-3634 - vertical scroll bar is missing for a multi-chart
BACKLOG-19122 - Data Grid "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Index out of bounds" inserting several meta fields
BACKLOG-19578 - Sample "email_inventory_inline_HTML.xaction" was broken by using Mail Server password encryption in outcoming \ incoming HTTP requests
BAD-869 - Pentaho MapReduce Step Does Not Resolve Variables
BISERVER-13664 - Mail Server settings configuration sends email password in clear text
BISERVER-13694 - Report Progress Viewer's "Run in Background" selectable by unauthorized end users
BISERVER-13708 - JNDI data connection name must be the same as the actual JNDI name
CDF-960 - Dashboards fail to load sporadically due to an improper configuration of cdf/lib/sanitizer/* modules
CDF-976 - CCC - Rows with the same value generate its incorrect aggregation
CDF-977 - Missing VizAPI script breaks CDE dashboard on rendering in debug mode
CDF-986 - XSS vulnerability in Date Input Component
CDF-987 - XSS vulnerability in Date Range Input Component
MONDRIAN-1371 - Locale is ignored for formatted values when executing queries via XMLA
MONDRIAN-2110 - Distinct Count measures not functional utilizing MonetDB
MONDRIAN-2572 - Exclude filter fails on levels added from dimensions that are not part of the aggregate table definition
MONDRIAN-2575 - Sql WHERE clause is missing predicates when aggregated calculated member crossjoined w/ SetToStr() and Filter()
PDB-1962 - Can't Change Control Type - Widget Reports Disappear
PDB-1986 - Content Linking tab (German) has two dots instead of ellipsis (three dots) in the end of too long tab title.
PDI-14357 - Need to prohibit empty names when adding new users or roles via REST
PDI-14721 - Problem with MySQL and BLOBs - ValueMetaInterface.TYPE_BINARY is being set to ValueMetaInterface.STRING
PDI-15916 - Pan hangs when running a trans with a Reporting step
PDI-16111 - When performing system restore on PDI Server, some schedules are not restored
PDI-16227 - Publishing DataSource with DET using a transformation with special characters
PDI-16255 - Filename Field Name Changes in XML Input Stream (StAX) Step 7.x when there is an incoming Hop
PDI-16280 - Job step Write To Log doesn't write errors on log level basic
PDI-16323 - Ability to publish data source over SSL to the BA server
PDI-16392 - Splunk Output - transformation doesn't stop
PDI-16430 - "The PostgreSQL bulk loader" truncate action exists an error
PDI-16441 - ${Internal.Job.Repository.Directory} and ${Internal.Transformation.Repository.Directory} kettle variable are not working in 6.1,7.0 and 7.1 versions
PDI-16455 - Problem when comparing binary values
PDI-16559 - [CHANGED] - Multiple step meta classes generate ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException errors after Metadata Injection
PPP-3778 - UploadFileServlet allows empty file name parameter and substitutes UUID
PPP-3797 - Use of vulnerable component mustache.js
PPP-3799 - Potential use of vulnerable component moment.js 2.9.0
PPP-3862 - Use of vulnerable component spring-core 4.1.2 SONATYPE 2015-0003
PRD-5916 - To see the default date in the report it was necessary to open the parameter dialog two times (click OK)
PRD-5939 - Unable to open a prpt that uses several timezones

== SP201709-7.1 ( Fixes =============================================================

ANALYZER-3024 - After Renaming Analyzer report in "Browse files", old name shows up in exported Excel & PDF files
ANALYZER-3488 - Unable to do case insensitive search with multi-byte characters in filter dialog and using the Matches operator
ANALYZER-3583 - Filter on 'Today and last X days' does not respect parameters of prompt when embedded in a dashboard
ANALYZER-3620 - Report cancel is broken
BISERVER-10582 - Database Connection Options List gets cut off when you have more than 5 parameters
BISERVER-13503 - Japanese locale: tool tip of the "open" icon in PUC contains "<" character
BISERVER-13603 - IE - PDF pane remains active when glass pane was activated, which blocks user from accepting/declining action in appeared dialog box.
BISERVER-13723 - XMI models loaded through default-content can be duplicated when re-importing or re-publishing back to the Server
BISERVER-13725 - It's possible to give admin privileges to any user using a proxy
MONDRIAN-1967 - MondrianOlap4jMember.isVisible throws NullPointerException
MONDRIAN-2253 - Pentaho analyzer is throwing error when multiple shared dimensions are used in a virtual cube - Vectorwise DB
MONDRIAN-2379 - Axes with empty sets cause NPE in XmlaHandler.
MONDRIAN-2408 - <Set> IIf(<Logical Expression>, <Set>, <Set>) confuses mondrian into throwing ResultStyleException "Wanted ResultStyles: {LIST,MUTABLE_LIST} but got: VALUE"
PDI-13227 - join rows step - after changing the steps on incoming hops, step gets into undefined / not working state
PDI-13416 - Adding a duplicate method in UDJC causes exception and crashes Spoon
PDI-14346 - Error handling in Insert/Update from sub transformation
PDI-15338 - BAServerUtils no longer allows creation of roles in 6.1
PDI-16110 - java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException exception with Metadata Injection step and Streamlookup step
PDI-16186 - Passwords not get Decrypted in Sqoop Import and Export Steps
PDI-16258 - Hidden folders show for business user "Suzy" from Spoon
PDI-16326 - Not able to schedule an existing job/transformation after upgrading to 7.1 from 7.0
PDI-16335 - Pentaho Plugins not pushed to HDFS even if they are listed in pmr.kettle.additional.plugins
PDI-16369 - Opening a transformation or job uploaded to the repository using REST API results in "no transformer found" exception
PDI-16416 - Disconnect from a repository does not prompt the user to save the files before disconnect
PDI-16422 - runTrans web service does not apply transformation parameters
PDI-16504 - If "Don't show this message again" checkbox was checked in "Notice" dialog for "MultiMergeJoin" step, then "Notice" dialog will not appear for "MergeJoin" step and vice versa.
PDI-16512 - Hardcoded seed used in Kettle Encr class
PDI-9388 - Deleting a column from the Datagrid step moves column names as heading for wrong data
PIR-1352 - Unable to create FILTER expression from 5.4.
PMD-679 - Variable symbols displaying in the database dialog; PME does not support variables
PPP-3829 - getResource servlet allows download of mondrian.xml without authentication
PPP-3840 - Restrict listing roles of a user in DaoResource to administrators
PRD-3322 - On Linux environments, loading dialog doesn't go away when previewing a parameterized report without a query
PRD-3383 - Parameter Dialog on PRD-exports has no scrollbars, prevents users from entering parameters when long parameter list
PRD-3954 - DRILLDOWN Formula Editor, the Location resets unexpectedly
PRD-5914 - Property for "Word-Break" Unable to be Saved as "False" in Standard Report

== SP201708-7.1 ( Fixes =============================================================

ANALYZER-2660 - Javascript error when loading parameter UI
ANALYZER-3433 - Drill through does not recognize level's nameColumn attribute
ANALYZER-3567 - In Drill-Through, the rename measure is not showing
ANALYZER-3603 - Measure is incorrectly removed by dragging and dropping to report area
BAD-613 - Reg: PMR Hive job fails on secured cluster if principal is set by variable
BISERVER-12456 - "New Data Source" button is available on Opened perspective for user without appropriate permissions
BISERVER-13040 - Blockout time "Date" issue
BISERVER-13621 - All the command line parameters for are showing the localized parameters names.
BISERVER-13677 - Report with Post Processing Formula that references another parameter goes into a loop and it never stops
BISERVER-13728 - XActions - Chart Component does not render image, it renders an html tag
CDE-908 - Embedding a CDE dashboard fails when using HTTPS
PDB-1877 - Analyzer filter with trailing spaces is trimmed by the dashboard after saving
PDB-1958 - Content Linking tab gets truncated (German)
PDB-1972 - Localization - Prompt Dialog - Date picker has some not translated labels
PDI-13205 - Min array index metadata for fields in MongoDB input getFields is sometimes incorrect
PDI-14310 - NPE - Saving the attached transformation
PDI-14460 - Mongo DB Output step does not output/forward rows to a next step
PDI-14764 - Jaro algorithm glitch
PDI-15858 - Repository Manager dialog is blank - not able to create any repository.
PDI-15982 - Incomplete/Missing logs when Main Job with sub jobs are scheduled
PDI-16221 - "file" option of Kitchen and Pan do not work in the file system
PDI-16236 - Cannot uncheck database identifier "Timestamp" (Oracle database only)
PDI-16263 - XSD Validator step cannot resolve referenced xsd files
PDI-16275 - Output File incorrect after meta-injection due to derived value not being updated
PDI-16312 - JSON Input step ignores the trim type
PDI-16318 - REST Client Step: Http Method DELETE results in 401 where GET, PUT succeed. Postman works fine with OK/200
PDI-16332 - No response on Pivot table at Run and Inspect Data in Spoon when some Japanese characters were included in step name.
PDI-16339 - Saving a job with a duplicate name makes PDI work inconsistently
PDI-16352 - Merge Rows Diff: Add checks to step when verifying transformation
PDI-16378 - KettleVFS#getFileObject is hiding IOException details
PDI-16388 - Default number format in has no effect
PDI-16393 - Salesforce steps don't work from behind a proxy
PIR-1339 - Datepicker in PIR prompt incorrectly applies date format with minutes
PIR-1355 - Fields highlighting works incorrectly for multiple selection
PPP-3714 - Use of vulnerable component tika-core-1.3.jar - CVE-2016-6809
PPP-3739 - Several issues with Import-export (missing information and out-of-date)
PPP-3747 - Suzy or other user that have access to Share tab, is able to remove users/roles after unchecking the permissions for suzy
PPP-3766 - Use of vulnerable component jasypt 1.9.0_1 and 1.9.1_1 CVE-2014-9970
PPP-3767 - Use of vulnerable component spring security 3.1.4 CVE-2014-0097 and CVE-2014-3527
PRD-5909 - Using the a period (.) in parameter name makes this parameter selection unworkable

== SP201707-7.1 ( Fixes =============================================================

ANALYZER-3345 - Level Name with an Apostrophe incorrectly displayed in Layout tab of Analyzer
ANALYZER-3556 - Exported charts are blurry
BAD-640 - MapR/EMR Shims: incorrect ignored.classes property name. Hadoop Cluster Test fails when ignore.classes property exists but is not set
BISERVER-13092 - Analyzer Select Data Source dialog shows without cancel button
BISERVER-13192 - REGRESSION: User with "Administer Security" permission can publish reports
BISERVER-13575 - DynamicallyPooledDatasourceSystemListener causing startup issues
BISERVER-13626 - Failed to fire report-done event: java.lang.NullPointerException
MONDRIAN-2150 - Log Full of "CrossJoinFunDef.nonEmptyListNEW: ERROR"
PDB-1898 - PDD - Metadata Query Editor preview throws error when condition default is null
PDB-1946 - Hardcoding multiple values in parameter with Pipe(|) symbol causes the value to disappear.
PDB-1963 - Dashboard Designer - Columns Resize after Removing and Adding columns and click in Edit Content
PDI-13424 - Behaviour difference between Job and Transformation when creating a "Note"
PDI-14625 - Different behavior of spoon when creating duplicate database connections in repository
PDI-14734 - Dialog's table discards input after losing focus
PDI-14765 - Error messages aren't being replaced - Start a PDI Cluster on Yarn
PDI-15835 - VFS DefaultFileSystemManager is not threadsafe - a ThreadLocal should be used to protect the FileSystemManager
PDI-16150 - Pivot Table - Binary Type with another field - java.lang.RuntimeException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException
PDI-16177 - Progress Information screen doesn't show anything
PDI-16198 - Multiple Preview dialogs when previewing a step using "Number of Copies" > 1
PDI-16202 - PDI - Build Model Step / Publish Model - 1st execution - Unable to connect to the server. Check the path you're using and make sure the server is up and running.
PDI-16222 - Unzip File Job Entry - Move files After Extraction Failed
PDI-16224 - Job/Transformation returns "ORA-00911: invalid character" error
PDI-16265 - Text File Input: error handling line numbers are wrong
PDI-16360 - KettleGenericFileSystemConfigBuilder - NPE when passing invalid parameter value to sftp
PDI-7090 - Only one user can make changes in a repository at any time. (Database Repository is locked)
PIR-1216 - PIR - Moving a filter can cause all filters to be deleted
PIR-1334 - Month Selector Shows Behind Calendar Control
PIR-1338 - Interactive report with 4 or more columns to group gives wrong total
PIR-1340 - Error occurs when checkbox prompt used with date field.
PIR-1344 - Query timeout message is not specific
PIR-1345 - Report not recovering properly after error due to query timeout
PIR-1351 - XSS vulnerability in DataSource name when creating new PIR
PMD-1068 - Able to Publish a model with no domain name
PPP-3734 - Use of vulnerable component webservices-rt-2.1- CVE-2013-5816 and CVE-2013-2172
PPP-3737 - CGG: Use of vulnerable component Apache fop-0.94 - CVE-2017-5661
PPP-3742 - Use of vulnerable component gwt-servlet-2.0.3.jar CVE-2012-4563
PPP-3759 - In GeoMap v3, the tooltip does not show if the datasource provides Latitude and Longitude fields for the points
PRD-5896 - Performance logger REPORT_QUERY is not properly initialized
PSW-230 - PSW Allows you to select Measures' datatypes that are not supported

== SP201706-7.1 ( Fixes =============================================================

ANALYZER-3215 - Analyzer PDF Export - Titles 42-49 characters get cut off
ANALYZER-3557 - Collapsed layout panel re-opens after changing chart options
BACKLOG-15332 - 500 http-responses for /api/repo/files/:/tree request under the load
BACKLOG-15823 - MapR 5.1/5.2: ClassNotFoundException when running MapReduce Job with mapper containing Hbase Row Decoder step
BACKLOG-15865 - CLONE - Hyperlink is not passing dynamic value into the target report, for Multichart Graph ONLY
BACKLOG-16201 - PAZ: Unable to visually see heat grid selections
BACKLOG-16426 - Steps following 2 disabled hops are executed in AEL mode
BACKLOG-16492 - AEL: URISyntaxException when using file with space symbol in name in FileInput step
BACKLOG-16506 - DET: Error when selection visualization with no supportedModes property defined
BACKLOG-16546 - DET - Search box doesn't work well when using " [MacOSX only]
BACKLOG-16548 - AEL: Parameter substitution causes HDFS File Out to fail.
BACKLOG-16679 - Inadvertently removed the "chart.series.color" property from the "" file
BACKLOG-16728 - When Apache Reverse Proxy is used, Analyzer report fail to load.
BAD-597 - Spoon: Logging during "Test" Hadoop Cluster does not contain all exceptions. (MapR 5.2.0 client on Windows)
BISERVER-12930 - Not all generated content is deleted after scheduling deletion of generated files
BISERVER-13579 - REST API /userrolelist/getRolesForUser doesn't return JSON
BISERVER-13594 - Data Source Wizard refers Pentaho BA Server
BISERVER-13663 - Report with Post Processing Formula that references another parameter or itself goes into a loop and it never stops
BISERVER-13672 - Upload doesn't handle .wcdf file extension as known extension
MONDRIAN-2428 - Using inconsistent names in a shared dimension vs. a dimension usage can result in mishandling of member names
PDI-14566 - Hbase Input: "Get Key/Fields info" adds second "key" if "Store mapping in step meta data" is used
PDI-14691 - Performance Graphs do not display in PDI 5.4
PDI-14719 - When you schedule a job/transformation and change the file path you can no longer edit the schedule
PDI-14781 - Empty log file gets created when job runs on carte server
PDI-14804 - When creating a database repository connection in Spoon it's possible to create duplicate database connections
PDI-14906 - Check Db connections step timeout minutes calculated wrong
PDI-14913 - JSON Output Step does not pass data to Servlet when "Pass data to servlet" is enabled
PDI-16067 - Graphml files are not created when executing through kitchen.
PDI-16124 - Regression: PDI Schedule API - Parameters defined in the xml input is not being passed to the job
PDI-16173 - Not getting the "Data Source Exists" screen when publishing 2 datasources with identical name (upper/lower case)
PDI-16178 - arrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when collapsing a folder in "Open File" dialog
PDI-16196 - Saving a transformation with a duplicate name makes PDI work inconsistently
PDI-16252 - Normalise Rows step performance is not proportional to the number of fields on a record
PDI-16281 - Encr class doesn't catch exceptions and won't terminate if an exception happens
PDI-16305 - Explorer dialog referring "DI Repository" when should be "Pentaho Repository"
PIR-1346 - Field Sorting - Moving a field down the layout panel will cause it to skip other fields and jump to the end
PMD-1064 - Error when saving an Imported XMI file
PPP-3700 - Schedule's "Start time" is changing after using "Execute now" function
PPP-3715 - Need to encode inputs to Javascript Rule - Edit: Need to encode message
PPP-3716 - deserializeModelState doesn't check the handler class before deserializing objects
PRD-5865 - Pentaho Platform has inconsistent methods to connect to Mondrian, creating multiple caches, of which only one can be cleared.
PRD-5879 - Datepicker doesn't display a user selection if a date has a 30/45 minute time zone
PRD-5882 - When double click in a table of contents shows an error message
PRD-5886 - View Menu - The Grid Settings dialog fails to open because of java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Double cannot be cast to java.lang.Integer
PRD-5897 - Symbol ± displayed as &plusm; for PRPT HTML export.
PSW-252 - The options "About" and "Open" are missing the three dots at the end of the word



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