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Support Statement for Pentaho Software Requirements for Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

Overview: As of our current Pentaho 8.3 release, we will be continuing support for Java 8 and beginning support for OpenJDK 8 JRE as an alternative to Java[1]. We plan to support the Oracle Java Long Term Support (LTS) versions for future Pentaho releases.

Important: The next Oracle Java LTS version will be Java 11; commercial users will need a support agreement with Oracle. Additionally, the end of public updates for Java 8 for Commercial users is targeted for January 2019. To get updates after this date, a commercial support agreement with Oracle is needed.

Oracle has provided an updated Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap with details about changes to their release cycle. Here is a quick summary:

  • Beginning in Sept 2017, a new version of Oracle Java will be released every 6 months
  • One version every three years will be declared as Long-Term Support (LTS) releases, starting with Java 8.
    • Java versions 9 and 10 will be both considered non-LTS versions.
  • Java 11 will be the next LTS release, with a planned release in September 2018.

Details from Oracle can be found here:

What does all this mean? To recap, either:

  • You intend to stay with Java 8 after January 2019 and want to get updates, or
  • You plan to upgrade to Java 11 once Pentaho supports it.

For both above options, you will need to obtain a support agreement with Oracle for Commercial users.

  • Pentaho is continuing support for Java 8 for the next release and will begin support for OpenJDK 8 JRE[2] at the same time.


My JRE Pentaho Version Do I Need an Oracle Support Agreement?
Oracle Java 8 Currently Supported [3] yes
Oracle Java 11 On the Road Map yes
OpenJDK/JRE 8  8.2 & Upcoming  no
OpenJDK/JRE 11 On the Road Map no


[1] We have validated against Open JDK/JRE 8 and will be supporting OpenJDK 8 JRE starting with the next Pentaho release - going forward. If you are using another vendor's Open JRE and encounter a deficit, we will investigate and attempt to reproduce the issue on a supported JRE. 

If we can reproduce the issue, we will work it as we would any other issue since it is not JRE-vendor specific. However, if we determine that the issue IS JRE-vendor specific, Hitachi Vantara will not support it. Instead, you will need to work with your JRE vendor to close that gap.

[2] We support the use of OpenJDK 8 JRE as a free alternative to Java. For more details about the OpenJDK license and other Q&A, see and

[3] See the Pentaho Product End of Life Policy for a complete list of currently supported versions of Pentaho.


Please contact Support if you have any further questions.