Best Practices - Pentaho OLAP Design Guidelines

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Software Version
Pentaho  5.4, 6.x, 7.0, 7.x


We have collected a set of best practice recommendations for you to around how to design and build your Pentaho OLAP solution for maximum speed, reuse, portability, maintainability, and knowledge transfer.

Topics are arranged in a series of groups with individual best practices for that topic explained. It is not intended to demonstrate how to implement each best practice or provide templates based on the best practices defined within the document.

Keep these Pentaho Architecture principles in mind while you are working through this document:

  1. Architecture is important, above all else.
  2. Platforms are always evolving: sometimes you will have to think creatively.

Some of the things discussed here include schema maintenance, schema object naming, specific dimension handling, and measure, dimension, and hierarchy definitions.


   -  Best Practices - Pentaho OLAP Design Guidelines

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