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Best Practices - Introduction to Mondrian Performance Tuning

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Software Version
Pentaho  5.4, 6.x, 7.x


Business Analytic Tools such as Mondrian provide a competitive advantage in the analysis of historical trends and data by gaining insight into key performance metrics. The traditional tools used for business analytics have often been expensive and difficult to maintain and use. Mondrian, however, is a web-based open-source business analytic tool that enables organizations to have quick and easy interactive analysis of critical business data. Users can securely interact with large volumes of business data to gain valuable insight into their company’s vast data without waiting for IT or database administrators, once it is set up.

Analyzing large quantities of data is much easier with Mondrian. The system responds to queries fast enough to allow for an interactive exploration of the data, even with millions of rows, occupying several gigabytes.

Best Practices - Introduction to Mondrian Performance Tuning 

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