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Pentaho Support Utility - BA Server Command line Deployment

NOTE: For more general information on the Pentaho Support Utility, please review the following document:

Command Line

1)      Download the command line utility from box . 

  • Select the correct version for your installation (4.x vs. 5.x), then select "BA Server" and finally download the '' file



2)      Unzip the utility

3)      Edit the ‘<command line>/resources/’

  • SUPP_INFO_DEST_PATH= The Path to your installation directory (must be escaped with double quotes on a Windows OS)
  • SUPP_INF_DIR= The zip file name
  • lin_license= <set to the install\_license.\* display on linux example: /home/harsh/pentahomanual/server/enterprise-console/license-installer/install\ display > 
  • win_licsense=<set to the install_license.* display on windows example: 

C:\pentaho\biserver-ee-\enterprise-console\license-installer\install_license.bat display

  • mac_license=<set to the install\_license.\* display on mac>
  • LOG_COUNT=1  <change if there are multiple logs to be collected, i.e. catalina<date>.xxx>
  • BI_PATH= <Path to the BA-Server>
  • DI_PATH= <Path to DI-Server>
  • BI_TOM_PATH= <path to Tomcat>
  • DI_TOM_PATH= <Path to Tomcat>
  • ENT_PATH= <Path to Enterprise Console> (NOTE: 4.8.x only, there is no Enterprise Console in 5.x)

4)      Go to the directory of the Command Line Utility

5)      Execute the utility with the following command:

“java –jar pentaho-support-util-cmd.jar”  (NOTE: 4.8.x only)

“java –jar pentaho-support-util-cmd-1.0.jar”  _(NOTE: 5.0.x_** only)*** *


6)      Choose the install type


7)      Choose the Server


8)      Choose the options wanted (13 is all options)


10) After the "Options" are selected, this will then run the tool and will gather all of the selected files. 

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