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Pentaho Product End of Life Policy

Pentaho releases new software versions about every 6-9 months.

This includes:

  • Major releases (X.0 releases) every 18–24 months
  • Minor releases (X.1, X.2, and so on) about every 6-9 months

Normal releases, whether major or minor, will have a period of active patching until the next release is shipped, followed by 12 months of support calls only. There are also long-term support (LTS) releases that have a longer life span.

Normal Releases

Normal releases, whether major or minor, are shipped about every 6–9 months. As a customer, you can choose this route if you want to adopt new features and functionality as soon as they are introduced.
Active patching will occur until the next release is shipped, and then the release will transition to support calls only.

Long-Term Support (LTS) Releases

LTS releases are for customers who have more rigid environments and can’t upgrade as frequently. These will be minor releases (such as 8.3) designated about every 18-24 months that will have a longer patching period.

There will be 18 months of active patching from the initial release date, followed by 18 months of critical patching only, followed by 12 months of support calls only.

Active Patching

Active patching support means that we make sure that the Pentaho product conforms with the Pentaho documentation. To that end, active patching involves creating maintenance releases and service packs for the latest major/minor release until the next release is shipped, or the current long-term support release is no longer within 18 months of its release date. Active patching includes frequent service packs every 1-2 months.

Note: Active patching for the current release will be different from active patching for the current LTS. Active patching on LTS releases will be less frequent, and the contents of the patch will be more selective to ensure stability.

Critical Fixes Only

Critical fixes only support means that we will fix any critical blocking issues such as defects affecting production environments or security issues. Critical fixes only support is for long-term support releases only, and this period begins 18 months after the initial release date. The contents and frequency of the maintenance releases and services packs during critical fixes only support is at the discretion of Hitachi Vantara.

Support Calls Only or Limited Support

Support calls only or limited support means that we make pre-existing service packs and maintenance releases available and offer support services to help with workarounds for a period of 12 months. Limited support is provided to normal releases after the next release is shipped and long-term support releases after the critical patching phase.

Release and Patch Definitions

The type of release determines which of the numbers in the version identifier changes. Here are the release definitions:


We make patches available for the latest current release (major or minor) for versions during its active patching window and critical fixes only window (LTS release only). Although our goal is to provide patches for identified issues in accordance with our patch release process, there may be instances when we may not be able to provide a patch, such as when:

  • Architectural design changes for that version prevent the implementation of a bug fix.
  • The effort involved in providing the patch exceeds reasonable commercial efforts.
  • A reasonable workaround has been identified.

Version Support Matrix

Here is a matrix of the current versions of Pentaho and what their support status is:

Current Release


Long Term Support Versions
Receiving Active Patching

Long Term Support Versions
Receiving Critical Fixes Only
Supported Versions Not Receiving Service Packs (Limited Support) 9.0
Versions No Longer Supported



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