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Notice to Instaview Users

 Notice to Instaview Users

 Pentaho will no longer include Instaview as of Pentaho version 6.0, which is scheduled for availability this fall.   See below for more detail:


Will Pentaho continue to support Instaview in current versions of the Pentaho platform?

 Yes, Pentaho will continue to support Instaview in current platform versions, up to and including Pentaho 5.4. 


Why is Pentaho discontinuing Instaview in 6.0?

 Use case patterns and requests from Pentaho customers required a fully customizable thin client deployment of Instaview.   Pentaho responded by making Instaview’s auto modeling and model publishing capabilities available as Pentaho Data Integration steps as well as providing an interface to CTools for creating the end user experience.  

 Pentaho developed the Streamlined Data Refinery (SDR) blueprint and SDR sample as reference architectures for building this type of solution.  The Pentaho solutions developer now has complete control over the data-to-visualization experience for their end users.


Is there a Pentaho feature set that provides an alternative to Instaview?

 As mentioned above, PDI includes the following job entries to automate common big data use cases:

  •  Build Model entry to auto-generate an analysis model from a database output
  • Publish Model entry to publish such a model, creating a Pentaho Business Analytics data source for users to explore


The SDR design pattern leverages these entries in a series of jobs that take raw data, augment and blend it through a request form, and then automatically publish it for analysts to use in Pentaho Analyzer for ad hoc analysis and visualization.  Learn more about SDR here:


Can I use Instaview as an unsupported plugin with Pentaho 6.0?

 No, there are currently no plans to make such a plugin available with 6.0.



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