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(Resolved) Pentaho BA Server - Incorrect Permission Assignment for Critical Resource – Versions before and, including 8.3.x Impacted (CVE-2022-43773)


The product specifies permissions for a security-critical resource in a way that allows that resource to be read or modified by unintended actors. (CWE-732) 


Products Affected 

Hitachi Vantara Pentaho Business Analytics Server versions before and impacted.



Hitachi Vantara Pentaho Business Analytics Server prior to versions and, including 8.3.x is installed with a sample HSQLDB data source configured with stored procedures enabled. 



When the vulnerability is leveraged, the attacker can create a malicious stored procedure to write executable JSP files in the application context, leading to remote code execution. 



The defect may be mitigated now by deleting the sample HSQLDB database and driver from the product installation. 

We recommend you upgrade to Hitachi Vantara Pentaho Business Analytics Server version 9.3 (Long Term Support Release) with or newer applied, or the latest 9.4 release with or newer.

Please review the Pentaho End-of-Life policy to ensure you are up to date.


Internal Notes: (Non Customer View-able - Non Confidential)

This issue is logged under JIRA PPP-4792