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Notice to Pentaho Mobile Plug-In Users

Staring with Pentaho 7.1, Pentaho is updating our mobile strategy. The maturity of the browsers on mobile devices and the increased strength of tablets makes it possible for Pentaho reports and analytic views to be accessed directly without any specialized mobile interface. Thus, we are deprecating the Pentaho Mobile plug-in with Pentaho Business Analytics.


What if user want to see content on mobile devices?

In 7.1, viewing and editing the following content on iPad is supported:

  • Pentaho Analyzer Reports
  • Pentaho Interactive Reports
  • Pentaho Report Designer Reports

However, The Pentaho User Console (PUC) is no longer be accessible or mobile-responsive when users access Pentaho Business Analytics via iPad.  When a user tries to access PUC from iPad, they will be redirected to Analyzer by default. 

In order to access particular reports on iPad, customers are able to use report-specific URL links. 

Note - Pentaho CTools, such as CDE and CDF, also provide the ability to deliver analytic content that is responsive to mobile devices.


What are Pentaho’s future plans related to mobile readiness?

Pentaho is evaluating strategies to enable a more complete mobile user experience based on customer feedback.

As we look to build out additional mobile capabilities, additional changes and enhancements will be communicated to customers.

For any additional questions, please contact us via the Customer Support Portal or by contacting your assigned architect or customer success manager.